Sunday, March 1, 2009


What does one do with two agitated, sleep-deprived children just home from an over-night stay at Grandma's house (i.e. an evening of lovingly imposed spoiling)? Go to Starbucks, of course. This mostly benefits me, but has the added bonus of a gratifying, if short-lived, mood-boosting effect on Spitfire and Destructo (they get decaf but not sugar-free!). I did read about how to save for your children's future recently, and realized that Dart Guy and I could save fourteen trillion dollars by the year 2022 (the year Spitfire will be 18) if I would stop buying over-priced lattes from Starbucks each day. However, I have decided to rationalize spending their college money on coffee by telling myself I am Stimulating the Economy. Just now, I am in need of stimulation, since Spitfire has learned how to bypass the child-proof knobs located strategically throughout our house. The Great Potty Escape is just not the same anymore when the werewolves are able to cross the treasured, bedroom threshold, arriving breathlessly exilerated to pound on the ultimate gateway to privacy (locked bathroom door), apparently motivated to be continually socialable even while one of us is conducting highly specialized business in the Potty Room. It is lucky that Spitfire is now starting to give free Science lessons while I am indisposed --"Daddy says that when the Earth is light where we are--morning time--it is dark on the opposite side--night time, and that the earth rotates around the sun every day." Otherwise, I'm sure I would feel entirely abandoned and forlorn.

Dart Guy and I salute the good people of the Brazos Valley Hunt Club! Thanks for allowing Dart Guy to play music for your Hunt Club Ball. This club believes in, and works hard to preserve the traditions of Fox Hunting that originated hundreds of years ago in England, while enforcing new standards of conduct such as "hunt and release," and prohibiting the purposeful release of quarry into the field (cheating!). For info on the hunt club, visit:

For info on hiring my Favorite DJ for your own event, visit:

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