Tuesday, March 10, 2009

House on the Right

Who knew I was marrying such a right-winger? Full fledged dart obsession--check. Closet white-collar redneck--check. A propensity to streak when dared--check. Fantasy football addict--check. Flaming right-winger? That must have been in the fine print. I missed the part that would have tipped me off to Staunch Capitalist, overt NRA Proponant, and is-the-government-tapping-our-phones Conspiracy Theorist. It is said we all lean a little right as we get older, and there is that strand in the goetee that appears to be fading. . . We are both approaching a milestone birthday, though I prefer to pretend that it's 30 instead of 40 (after all, our children deserve to learn from first rate imaginations). It's more than ok, Dart Guy--I'm with you on a lot of things. I admit that I tune into Presidential addresses and Fox News Answers to the Address more often than I use to, even though it's a toss up on whether the drama is better there or on Grey's Anatomy. I think I am lucky to get my Daily News Feed from you, even if it is decidedly biased. I appreciate and admire that you carefully gather Right information, form your views, and take the time to send your Congressman impassioned and educated letters . Our children are lucky to have you as an example of how to care about the world, and also as a first-rate Moderator, especially because they almost always come at each other with unpleasant intentions--one from the left, one from the right.

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