Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do You Know This Face?

This intrepid visitor descended upon Dart Guy, Spitfire, and Destructo while they innocently played (so they claim, anyway)in the back yard yesterday. If you, or anyone you know, has seen this, one of America's Most Wanted, prancing in her owner's yard or straining at the end of said-owner's leash, please tell them you know where this Jumping Dog is currently residing--our home. She is, of course, being well taken cared of, in spite of some, small degree of traumatizing induced by the crazed enthusiasm of the pet-starved Spitfire and Destructo. We did feed her organic goldfish and the remains of Chipotle burrito bowls, so no need to worry about her eating habits. I believe she is even a little smarter after having scarfed down her crunchy, organic entree in a single bite (surely owing this eating habit to watching Destructo eat his own organic goldfish). I hope the owner sees this and comes forward, or else we may simply become yet another statistic--the latest non-pet family to bite the dust.

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