Friday, February 12, 2010


The numbers:
Approximate inches of snow: 9
Number of hours without power: 15
Number of McCammacks on one mattress in front of fireplace: 4 along with 2 cats (very crowded)
Number of clothing changes after cold and wet set in: Way more than host costume changes on awards show
Amount of excitement from snow starved children: Too much to quantify
The peaceful sleep of kids derived from a long day of snow fun: Priceless!!!!!!!!!

The creek behind our house is home to several ducks that didn't get the memo to fly further south for this winter. I am surprised when come across them today.
"Aren't they supposed to go somewhere for the winter?" I ask Dart Guy, as the kiddos aspire to get too close to the edge of the steep creek incline--I feel my blood pressure rising.
"Yeah"--Dart Guy answers immediately, as though duck migration patters should be well known to me. "Here."

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