Monday, October 26, 2009


Ahhhhhh. I like when Destructo is napping. . .

Check out early Christmas presents for Spitfire and Destructo!! We brought home two sibling kittens from animal rescue on Sat, names still pending, though Spitfire has some specific ideas on this subject, namely, that one should be called, Elizabeth, after a helper in her Sunday school class that she adores. I'm sure Elizabeth will be glad to hear this. Destructo has been surprisingly non-destructive with these kittens; he picks each one up gingerly (only once have I feared for Kitten's tiny little neck), with two hands spanning a petite belly, and parks he/she on his lap gently, being sure to keep a firm hold so the wiley, little creature won't run and hide. Again.
Spitfire has surely found Heaven on earth, and is convinced that she should stay home from school to take care of her new charges. She keeps excellent tabs on our furry friends, even orally detailing events that take place inside the litter box, as though she is a football commentater.
"They are going into the littler box. . . Now they are covering up everything, and moving it all around. . . "

Mmmm. How best to pick him up from this angle. . .

This is the life. . .

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  1. look at those cuties...we need to get together eventually and maybe we can see them in person...miss you guys so much!!!