Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The plan for today is to pick up Spitfire's good friends Ben and Emily and go see the new Pixar flick, Up, at the mall. Excitement brews. When I pick up Spitfire, she is wearing a pair of Destructo's jeans, the hem of which reaches to just above her ankle. I question her about this particular fashion statement, and she tells me that Dart Guy is responsible, then refuses to change. Considering my history with certain items of her clothing, namely the recent ballet-costume faux pas, I decide to let it go, and we are out the door. There are smiles all around when we pick up Ben and Emily at their school. The first thing the three conspirators do is say that our car stinks! Like cheerios and diapers. Ugh! I take a wiff but don't get that specific combo. Off we go. Here is the conversation on the way to the movie:

Emily drops her cookie on the floor.
Spitfire: I think a frog will jump inside and eat that cookie.
Me: I don't think frogs like cookies, do they?
Ben: (in deep thought) Well, I've never seen a frog eat a cookie. . .
Emily: We did see a turtle in the road one time!
Ben finishes his cookie and Spitfire tells him to just throw the packaging in the floor.
Spitfire: It's ok, there is already 130, 000 stains in this car.
Ben: Mmmm. I think there is only 200 stains in here.

There is a definite trend on the subject of our car. . .

During Up, Ben is zoned into the movie, Spitfire wants to engage in a rather loud running commentary, and Emily peacefully eats popcorn beside me. All of us enjoy a really great movie, which has some teary-eyed, sweet moments, as well as great, adventurous animation.
Thanks to Ben, Emily and Spitfire for an evening of stellar preschool company.

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